Create powerful galleries for your Wordpress websites with content from SmugMug, YouTube, or use our built-in content management system with unlimited photos, bandwidth, and worldwide CDN.
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Fully Responsive Galleries
Our galleries are fully responsive and will work perfectly on all devices from large retina displays to tablets and mobile phones.


Real-time Updates
When you use other platforms such as SmugMug or YouTube, they update themselves in real-time! Add a video to YouTube and a few seconds later it will automatically be updated on your website!

Affordable Price
$29/year - unlimited websites
Save up to 50% by switching from other gallery plugins to WP Cloud Gallery and at the same time, super charge your website with the built in global CDN with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited websites.
Multiple Templates

Select from a constantly growing selection of gallery templates and switch templates as often as you like instantly with a single click.
Unlimited Photos

Create an unlimited number galleries and albums, and upload an unlimited number of high resolution photos, without using your own server's resources.
Unlimited Bandwidth

Never worry about exceeding bandwidth limits and having to upgrade your Wordpress hosting.
Built-in CDN

With built-in CDN, your galleries will load much faster than if they were hosted on your own Wordpress server.
100% Cloud Based

With a 100% cloud based platform, the heavy lifting is offloaded to the cloud without using your own server's resources.
Automatic Migrations

Need to migrate your WordPress to a new host? With other plugins this can be a huge hassle! With a cloud based system, this is automatic and requires no extra work.